When should I replace my A/C    I like to think of the A/C unit like a motor vehicle.  Everyone's situation is different. Maybe ask yourself the following questions.  Am i sick of sticking good money into it. How reliable do i need it to be. Efficiency - Do I run it everyday all day in the summer months.  15 years is the ballpark again everyone is different. After 10 years you may start running into break down. Some customers would rather replace the whole unit then stick $150 into a 12 year old unit and on the contrary some customers will replace a compressor in a 20 year old unit.  In both cases we will try talking the customer out of it, but in the end it is your call. I think the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. But don't forget to consider efficiency in you destion. A/C have come a long way in the last 12 years. If you run your a/c everyday in the summer you may consider replacing your system before other who run the a/c only on the hottest days.  Routine maintenance and proper installation are key to the longevity of a/c system. Most manufactures required yearly preventive maintenance to keep the warranty in effect.


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